Tuesday, April 15, 2014


"Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another:
 "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . ."

I can't be more thankful to have met you this sem, and then to realize how similar we are in thinking. I never thought that I could find someone who I could relate so easily and effortlessly to in NUS, and someone who would have the same bizarre thinking as I do and the passion for almost the same things. Thank God for you, Shuang. Really. You make life in school so much more bearable and I can't emphasize enough on how lucky I am to have taken the same mod as you, re-grouped and ended up in the same team as you or even slogging through weekends with you just so we could all get our reports done well. The amount of dedication I see you putting into everything you do is really commendable, and something I hope that I would learn from you one day. 

Thanks for coming into my life, Shuang. 
Now, it wouldn't be the same without you in it. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Food Review: Histori BBQ (Revisited)

Probably one of the most underrated BBQ places I've been to. This place deserves great publicity for its well-marinated selection of meat and other ingredients available. Located along the renown stretch of Tajong Pagar with other BBQ places sprouting next to it, Histori BBQ clearly stands out with its authenticity and freshness of food. 

20 Tanjong Pagar Road, (S)088443
Tel: 6224 6539

Opening Hours:
Lunch: Monday to Sunday (12pm - 3pm)
Dinner: Monday to Sunday (5:30pm - 10:30pm)

Getting there:
Nearest MRT Station (Tanjong Pagar / Chinatown)
Buses from Tanjong Pagar Road: 80, 145
Buses from Neil Road: 61, 166, 197

Atmosphere: 7/10
Price: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10

Seats available

We had the buffet lunch and thus it had lesser variety. Still, it was enough for us to stuff ourselves silly!

P.S: The lady boss told us that the kimchi there are all handmade. They strictly do not believe in pre-packed kimchis that are ordered from various suppliers like what other restaurants are doing. \
Histori also serves other side dishes such as Jap Chae (Vermicelli with vegetables) and Dokbokki (Korean Rice Cake).

Prawns and Sotong are also available!

Do give their cod fish tofu a try! One of their specialties which I absolutely love since I visited Histori last year :)

Kimchi and Seafood pancake mix! Yes, we are able to prepare and fry the pancakes ourselves which I felt was a really interesting idea compared to other Korean BBQ restaurants!

Jap Chae and Deokbokki

Soft ice-cream machine! 

Desserts which include Watermelon, homemade Milk pudding and homemade jelly

A new type of grill which they changed to! This grill is so much healthier than the ones that uses the aluminium foil. Once the meat is cooked, the oil would trickle to the side and it would drip down to a holder below. This way, the oil would not be concentrated in the middle and you wouldn't have to worry about your meat soaking the oil up!

PRICE: $24.30 (After GST and Service Charge)


They increased the prices after changing some of the concept but I would still be willing to pay for a standard like this. The meat was marinated well and it was tender and juicy. Histori provided a wide selection of meat (Chicken, Beef and Pork) as well as other seafood items. For pork, they serve bacon, pork belly and even pork ribs! I have always felt that this place is extremely underrated but I'm so glad that that I can now publicize this on my blog. The owner firmly believes in the quality and freshness of food served. Therefore, every item is prepared by hand. 
My favorite  is still the cod fish tofu as well as the JapChae that we had. They even have an array of side dishes and vegetables for you to choose from! 

Another restaurant which service is commendable. The lady boss was attentive enough to keep checking on us and made sure that we were satisfied with our meal with everything we needed. She even took the time to scrap the burnt remains from our hot plate so that it would be healthier for us to continue grilling. All these definitely made it an enjoyable experience dining at Histori. 

Please guys, do do do give this a try! No harm doing so since it's priced really reasonably and the dishes are value for money!

P.S: I wasn't paid to write this. 

Toodles! Hope it helped! 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

From Thought Catalog: Love Doesn’t Make You Blind. It Makes You Settle

I once dated this guy, who I inevitably fell in love with. To this day, I can’t really place a finger on why I loved him so much or why I gave so much to him.
I fell so hard for him, so fast. Things were amazing in the beginning, but like most good things, it eventually came to an end — and our honeymoon phase was just a fleeting memory. He no longer seemed to try with me because he got too comfortable. After a while, I KNEW I could do better, but I never left. Love did not make me blind, it made me settle. I noticed all the things he could have done for me and I noticed all the things he never did for me. I, my readers, settled. Hard.
Every goddamn day for god knows how long, I thought to myself, “Maybe if I give him my all and stay, he’ll realize what he has and he’ll be better.” He never got better. We’d argue about it, and all I got were empty promises and smeared mascara. Still, I never left because I settled with this unrequited effort-type lifestyle.
His effort, or lack thereof, made me think. A lot. So what if he never got me a birthday present? There’s always next year, right? So what if he doesn’t take me out on dates anymore? Eating Del Taco in his room while he watches Fringe is just as good. So what if he’d rather smoke weed with the boys than spend quality time with me? It’s fine, maybe he’ll realize he’s being a shitty boyfriend and he’ll change.

He never changed.
I’m not blind for never leaving him, just stupid. Stupid for being content with wanting more and never getting it. You’re probably wondering why I settled with a piece of shit boyfriend who never got me a birthday present, right?
I settled because this is the boy I had once fallen in love with. This is the boy who used to drive to my apartment at 1 AM just because I wanted to see him, this is the boy who would play slow songs when we kissed because he knew that I wanted a cheesy/romantic kissing mood, this is the boy who played doctor and fed me cough syrup when I was dying in his bed. My boyfriend was no longer that boy. I settled because that’s what love makes you do. I held onto someone that wasn’t there anymore because I was convinced he was the same guy I fell in love with. I was convinced that the old (and better) version of him would reemerge.
To summarize… Love doesn’t make you blind. You know all the bullshit you’ve gone through and you know that you can do better. Love makes you settle, and that’s why you’re still catering to his/her every need. You’re holding on to someone who’s toxic.  So leave. No matter how much you want your partner to change or how much potential he/she has. You have to know your worth. Maybe not right away, but you WILL find someone who sees your effort and gives you more in return.
Love can make you settle, but you don’t have to stay. TC mark
Credits to Gloria Nguyen  and The Thought Catalog.

Monday, April 07, 2014

6th March - 21st Surprise

March also saw the advent of my best friend's birthday. Many of us were really excited about this celebration because we very much wanted her to have an amazing day. Preparations were made approximately a month before and everyone cleared their calenders for 6th March. Managed to secure a BBQ pit at a condo in Yishun after much sourcing and we were very much set for the day!

We planned a surprise travel-themed party for her because she loves that sort of stuff. It was supposed to be a close-knitted party because we knew that she would want an intimate gathering with a few of her closest friends - no pretense, just a day where she can just be herself. BUT.... the hardest part was surprising her because she has always been the one planning parties for everyone, so the whole world knew that ambushing her would be no easy feat.

Everyone had to lie that we couldn't meet her that day due to our personal commitments, that we would just be meeting her on the following Sunday. I also had to come up with a series of lies - that we were just gonna have a simple celebration and dine at some secluded place at Semb Park (BUT IT DOES EXIST). Plus things like showing her a photo of the venue and prove that I had already made reservations for the day.

But in the end I guessed she still managed to suspect that something was amiss. Haiyoz.

Reached there much earlier to set up but still ended up rushing like ever. I'm really thankful for S and W who got their early to helped out too, because I'm sure that it wouldn't have succeeded if not for them. FK too, who kept offering his services after rushing down from army. The wind was being a bitch that day and caused the balloons and decorations to fly everywhere. We had to secure them with any weight we could find and to keep chasing after them. Even the fire couldn't start because of it, and we had to resort to begging for oil with some of the residents until one was kind enough to spare us with some. But nope, nothing worked.

In the end, we had to rush out to get fuel and by then it was already 6:30, and I was supposed to hop on the cab to fetch C at 6:15am. Had no choice but to come up with something and lie to C that I would be late. Hahaha we ended up taking a cab and I was really glad that the cab uncle was up to all of these. Told him to keep it a secret of where we were going, and he sportingly agreed.

Presented a travel ticket to C while we were on the cab but haish, turns out that she had the same passport cover already, just that it was in a different color. *shoots myself*

And Surprise!!!!!

 Look at the charcoal! Haha all set up by S the pro.

"Having a few true friends is more of a blessing than having a thousand fake ones"

As we grow older, we start to realize that we don't need fancy parties or a 1000 and one people to be there for you. Sometimes, all we need is a few true friends who are there, whom you know that will never give up on you nor bail on you. Whom you know that will stand up for you no matter how many others bring you down, and we there to steer you back to the righted path.

Happy Birthday once again, Claudia!!! May you have a great 21st ahead and be forever blessed and loved