Eyelash Extensions at Vain Beauty Singapore

Around two weeks ago, I headed down to Vain Beauty to get my eyelash extensions done. Ever si...

Around two weeks ago, I headed down to Vain Beauty to get my eyelash extensions done. Ever since I tried eyelash extensions months back, I have always adored the idea of a fuss-free makeup routine in the mornings - slapping on foundation and just getting out of the house without bothering with my eye makeup. They say that the eyes are the window to one's soul, and that is why I can never, ever leave my house without applying mascara or my trusty eyeliner but with the presence of these eyelash extensions, I can finally do so! 

Vain Beauty is a one-stop beauty salon which specializes in hair and eyelashes extensions, manicure & pedicures and face threading. Having established since 2007, their beauty specialists are also very well-trained in the field of hair and eyelash extensions. In terms of eyelash extensions, they also have a wide variety of selections that matches to the shapes of your eyes -  Barbie-doll, Korea-furless, natural as in short and long mix, etc. Another plus point is that their good quality eyelashes are all affordably priced at S$30 - S$50! Even renowned bloggers like Xia Xue and Kay Kay have frequented them before! 

For lash extensions, you can either opt for the lash by lash or cluster extensions with varying lengths to pick from - 8mm, 10mm or even 12mm. Bao Shuang, the beauty specialist who helped me with my extensions highly recommended me to go for the cluster extensions since they can last much longer than lash by lash extensions. 

I was a little skeptical about it at first since I was worried that they might look too artificial and that the lashes would be too heavy. After listening to my concerns, she recommended me to try out the 8mm ones which were very much alike the lash by lash extensions! I was really pleased with my lashes since they really looked very natural and weren't heavy at all! Plus they were so soft! For those who are also interested in getting this particular set of extensions, I would recommend you to show her the first image (of the cluster extensions) so she'll know which ones you are referring to because the selection there is really insane!

Here's a closer look of my lashes! Since they are all in a cluster, they are extremely easy to take care of, neither will they did not mess up nor drop out when in contact with water. Wearing them made me look as though I had mascara and eyeliner on at the same time, which is why I can skip those two steps in my makeup routine and this takes me less than 5 minutes to do my makeup in the mornings! You will be amazed how much that helps especially when you have to wake up at 6:30am for lessons. :(

For those who are interested in getting your eyelashes pumped up this CNY, you can Quote <Cassandra> to receive 10% OFF all services (which includes hair, nails and face) and S$8 off your eyelash extensions! 

Vain Beauty
Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Rd, #03-140, #03-113
Singapore 228213
Tel: +65 9711 5290 / +65 9850 6743




This post is written in collaboration with Vain Beauty SG. 

WJ's 22nd Birthday Celebration - 11/12/2015

Decided to take a break from all the writing and reading today to update my blog on a personal ...

Decided to take a break from all the writing and reading today to update my blog on a personal note. It's been so long since I've done so, since most of the time I'm usually struggling with advertorials and what not, and the last time I did a personal post, I was ranting about how social media was toxic and shit, but I've finally come to a conclusion regarding that matter and about what I truly want out of this - to live as it goes. 

Last year (yes omg how fast time flies!) 11th Dec, marked the birthday of my love. I'm not someone who's too expressive in terms of BGR on my social media platforms (I mean, not as much now) since we both wanted to keep our relationship on the private spectrum of our lives, but I wanted to do up a little post on his birthday since it was the first time we were celebrating it together, and I also wanted to note it down somewhere. 

Planning for his birthday wasn't easy since I wanted things to be perfect and it to be really memorable at the same time. Prior to the big day, I was still having trouble confirming reservations for the restaurants or even the activities that we could slot into the middle of the day, since there was a huge gap time between lunch and dinner (Yeaaaah we usually plan our dates around food and birthdays are no exception as well!!). 

The worst thing was that the restaurant that I initially intended to go for dinner was fully booked at that exact timeslot for an event, so I had to flip the whole schedule around. Thank God everything still went as planned albeit some time restrictions in the middle of the day - but there's always Uber/Grabcar to the rescue!!! 

Started the day off surprising him at his place before heading off to HBF Centre for the cable car since I wanted to kick off lunch with a bang. And Thank God (again) that he hasn't taken a cable car before so it was double the excitement and surprise!!! He wasn't even supposed to know that we were gonna sit the cable car but somehow he managed to trick me to tell him -____- but it was a good thing that I tricked him back that we were dining at Sentosa - but in actual fact it was at Mount Faber - so yay! 

 Dining with a view 

Oh and if you were wondering, we booked the round trip tickets which cost S$20 for a trip from HBF Centre > Sentosa > Mount Faber > HBF Centre. My only gripe with this is that once you miss the Sentosa stop or have no time to get down, you won't be able to revisit it again - which was what happened to us since we had a time constraint. 

We have lunch at Spuds & Aprons, and since they were having this S$75 promotion, we went ahead for it! It comes with one side, 2 mains, 1 dessert and a free portion of wicked fries - the portions were huge BTW and we were so stuffed that we couldn't finish dessert. The food was pretty good, IMO. But since this isn't a food review or what not I'm not gonna elaborate much hahaha but it was really yummy ok.  

Wicked fries!

Crab in a tux - essentially chilli crab gravy on fried potato skins which was sooooo delish but also sinful at the same time? But hey, potatoes are ALWAYS worth the calories man. 

For mains, I opted for the barbeque baby back ribs while WJ got the oven-roasted mustard marinated chicken. The ribs were drenched in hickory BBQ sauce while we felt that the chicken tasted a little bland. Hehe I am proud to say that when it comes to food, I almost always make the better choice :P

And with every birthday, there always has to be a surprise birthday cake!!!! And in this case, it was the Chempedak Bread & Pudding - served with Hagan Daaz ice cream! This is one of their signature desserts and we highly urge you to try it too!

Last I went up to Mount Faber, I still remember it being quite barren but it has since renovated to fit in quite a bit of coupley, gimmicky stuff. Mount Faber revcently transformed one of the balconies to fit in this section where you can hang up your wedding bells there. And of course, we did not partake in this because we don't believe that the key to sustaining a long-lasting relationship is through ringing a few bells hahaha. Just like how we don't believe in the idea of couple rings or promise rings or whatsoever too. Just go for the real deal man. 

Took the opportunity to snap an #ootd as well! Speaking of which, it's been long since I last updated the #ootdcompilation section on my blog! Should really find time to do it soon, but I've a feeling that the post will just flood up my entire feed hehe. 

Rushed off to Teo Heng after that!!! I have always loved the idea of going to TH with him since he's the only one I know who knows the lyrics to ALL the Taylor Swift songs even better than I do. And I really do mean all of them - even the ones from her first album. I sometimes wonder how he can fit in all that song lyrics in his goldfish memory space (Don't worry love, if you are reading this, I still adore you!!!). And he doesn't like it when I call him a #Swiftie because he doesn't believe in the idea of idolising anyone HAHA. 

No pictures to show, but there's always Snapchat!!!


Just gonna upload one lest he kills me hahahaha. 

After Teo Heng, it was dinner!!!! Ok, I gotta admit that the gap time between lunch and dinner wasn't huge and we were still rather full from lunch but we were really excited for dinner since it was going to be at Pasta Brava. We have been hearing quite a number of raving reviews about the restaurant, we really couldn't wait.

The whole concept of the restaurant was rather rustic and unpretentious - much like dining at a restaurant in Italy itself. And yes, as expected, everything was on point. Definitely not going to be our last experience there! Plus, the prices were rather reasonable too! 

Each meal came with a complimentary basket of sourdough bread with olive oil + vinegar - my all-time favourite combination! I opted for the handmade pasta with scallops, prawns, green peppercorn that was tossed with white wine and saffron cream sauce. One bite into the divine saffron cream sauce and I was sold. This portion cost S$23.50! 

 Since WJ is waaay more adventurous than I am when it comes to his food choices, he opted for the pan-fried beef tenderloin with red wine and chocolate sauce. I thought that the usage of chocolate sauce was rather dubious at first but turns out it was really an ingenious idea. The chocolate wasn't overly strong, and it was a great complement to the red wine. I mean, wine and steak can never go wrong, right? Especially when they are all prepared together on a plate! Though its more pricey at S$31, I would still pay for this over and over again.


I didn't plan for the birthday to be extravagant or anything close to that. We strongly believe in the notion of not splurging too much when it comes to celebrating these events bur rather, to do what we love most and feel most comfortable at. Next up, our 1st year anniversary in 2 week's time!!!! Can't wait to see what that entails. :)


Celebrate the Essence of Chinese New Year at STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar with QuintESSENCE festive buffet lunch and dinner !

Still looking for a place to gather for a reunion dinner with your family and friends? Well, lo...

Still looking for a place to gather for a reunion dinner with your family and friends? Well, look no further with QuintESSENCE of festive buffet lunch and dinner treats at STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar located at Bay Hotel Singapore! 

This year, Chef Ricky at Street 50 Restaurant & Bar has also collaborated with Brands Essence of Chicken to come up with a series of a la carte buffet and hotpot buffet dishes. Best part? They are even utilising the chicken essence in their hot pot broth and Yu Sheng - which are limited edition items by the way! Between 5 and 21 February 2016, you can also stand to win five $200 BRAND’S® Hampers when you dine at the restaurant!

Here's a view of their buffet spread! 

Other than hot pot ingredients, they also have spring rolls, Peking duck wrap and also an array of fresh seafood for you to choose from! You can also opt for their series of Brands Essence of Chicken a la carte menu dishes that I will be introducing below! 

Essence of 8 Treasures Platter

The Essence of 8 Treasures Platter is essentially a salad of Pacific Clams, Prawns, Smoked Oysters, Sea Asparagus, U.S Asparagus, Black Fungus, “Fatt Choy” and Roasted Pine Nuts with Essence Vinaigrette. Our favourite part of the dishes were definitely the perfectly-cooked fresh prawns used which were exceptionally firm and crunchy! For those of you who were wondering, nope, the dish did not have the fishy aftertaste that you would usually get from drinking chicken essence. Rather, it was really fragrant and this dish really wowed us that night. 

Fortune Chicken with Essence Consomm√© 

The Fortune Chicken with Essence Consomm√© is Street 50 Restaurant & Bar's rendition of herbal chicken soup, prepared with Herbal Chicken steamed with Old Ginger, Chinese Wine, Dried Longans, Red Dates & Chicken Essence. The herbal soup was tantalizing and sweet without any hint of fishiness which was also another winner that night! 

 Sixth Happiness Seabass in Essence

Another wondrous creation using Chinese Essence! The dish was prepared with Steamed Seabass Fillet with Carrots Pearl, Barley, Green Zucchini Pearl, Yellow Zucchini Pearl, White Fungus and Chicken Essence! 

EssenceTIAL Yusheng - Regular $38++ (up to 4 pax), Large $68++ (8 to 10 Pax)

If you were wondering what the black jelly cubes were, they were actually chicken essence cubes! EssenTIAL means none other than To Infinite Abundance and Luck, and EssenceTIAL Yusheng and it comprises of Smoked Salmon Low Hei Salad with specially made BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken Aspic & Vinaigrette! Unfortunately, the EssenTIAL Yu Sheng is not part of the buffet menu but hey, I wouldn't mind paying extra for this since you can rarely find Chicken Essence Yu Sheng anywhere else! 

Tossing to a year of good fortune in the Year of the Fire Money! 

Seventh Heaven Crabmeat Noodles in Essence Stew 

The last a la carte dish we tried was the Seventh Heaven Crabmeat Noodles in Essence Stew, made with Crisp Hong Kong Noodle with Yellow Chives, Mushroom, Crabmeat, Chinese Mushroom & Lily Bulb in Essence Stew. Though we had this dish nearing the end of the meal, we were surprised that we could still chomp it down since it wasn't as cloying as the Yee Mian noodles that we usually find at zi char stalls. Rather, the sauce used for this was rather light and not overly gooey. 

As previously mentioned, specially for Chinese New Year, Street 50 Restaurant and Bar will be introducing the healthful BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken broth, which is the latest addition to three lovingly prepared choices of soup bases – Imperial Chicken Broth, Siamese Luck Tom Yum Broth and Indonesian Bakso Broth. 

The hotpot is served up in individual, Chinoiserie chic pots with customized designs of propitious dragons. The hot pot buffet menu boasts a mouth-watering ensemble of about 50 ingredients from unlimited servings of healthy greens to fried specialities and premium platters of fresh seafood to delicious meats with over 50 ingredients to choose from! Some special highlights include Red Grouper fillets, white clams, sliced squid, Canadian scallops, flower crabs and red prawns! There's definitely something for everyone there! 

Last but not least, we were also treated to the traditional Chinese Cheng Teng dessert at the end of the meal, and no, there was no Essence of Chicken infused in this hahaha because it'll taste reaaaally weird.

Prices for the QuintESSENCE Chinese New Year buffet:

‘CNY IN ESSENCE’ Buffet Lunch - 6 to 9 Feb and weekends (13, 14, 20, 21 Feb) 
$38++ (Adult), $18++ (Child, 6-12 years) 

50% off every 2nd diner for Citi Credit cardholders (discount is valid for adult prices)

CNY IN ESSENCE’ Hotpot Buffet Dinner - 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21 Feb 
6.30pm to 10.00pm: $38++ (Adult), $18++ (Child, 6-12 years) 

‘CNY IN ESSENCE’ Hotpot Buffet Dinner - 7 Feb (Eve of Chinese New Year), 
6.30pm to 10.00pm: $58++ (Adult), $28++ (Child, 6-12 years) 

50% off every 2nd diner for Citi Credit cardholders (discount is valid for adult prices)

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar Bay Hotel Singapore
50 Telok Blangah Road 
Singapore 098828 
Tel: +65 6818 6681




This post is written in collaboration with Street 50 Restaurant & Bar.