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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sponsored Review: Beauty Blender (Micro mini)

Thanks to Japalang SG, I got to try out the Beauty Blender which is the new product in town that helps us apply our concealer better! 

Japalang SG is the distributor of several mass market beauty brands such as K-Palette as well as the Beauty Blender. These products are available for sale at Sasa, Watsons, Sephora... etc.

Look at the cute sponge puffs!

Even though its recommended to use the micro mini blender for the application of concealers, I decided to use it for the application of foundation on my under-eye since I don't usually use concealer products.

I started off with a bare face and dabbed the foundation on my under-eye.
And then I went ahead with blending it!
I also applied some at the nose area 
I love how the tip allows me to blend out my foundation smoothly!

After applying it, you can always wash the sponge with soap or even your make-up remover to ensure that it is thoroughly cleansed! 

I love how this product saves me the hassle of using my fingers to blend the make-up products! There's also a bigger version of the beauty blender that's meant for applying foundations. 

The latest version of the Beauty Blender Micro Mini has already been launched into Sephora! 
Do head down to grab a pair to try it out for yourselves. :)

Alternatively, you can also purchase it at their website
Hoped this pictorial review helped! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

#ootd compilation

 Top: MissyPixie
Bottoms: Taobao
Shoes: Taobao
Bag: H&M
Top: Online
Bottoms: Bugis Street
Bag: Charles & Keith
Shoes: Taobao
Dress: ASOS
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: H&M
Top: Missypixie
Skirt: AforArcade
Heels: H&M
Clutch: Online
Romper: Fayth
Shoes: Taobao
Bag: Charles & Keith
Top: Carrislabelle
Skirt: AforArcade
Bag: Taobao
Shoes: BKK
Earrings: QuarterSg
Dress: HerVelvetVase
Shoes: Charles & Keith 
Bag: H&M
Dress: c/o Hulahoop SG
(Quote "CASSANHULAHOOP for 10% off all purchases!)
Shoes: Charles & Keith


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fung Ding Hung

I was invited to a tasting at Fung Ding Hung thanks to the people at Yummypin! It was definitely a good experience, since I rarely have chinese cuisine unless I'm dining with my folks. 

For those who might not know, ALL of the dishes served at Fung Sing Hung have a certain health benefit associated with it. The chef also believes in serving food that is made from scratch and with the finest ingredients. He is very strict in his cutting and preparing techniques even down to a small plate of green chilli which many might deem as negligible.

Fung Ding Hung
Rendezvous Gallery, #02-01
9 Bras Basah Road, (S)189599
(Rendezvous Hotel)

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11:30am - 3pm
Dinner: 5:30pm - 10pm

Here's a peak into their menu:

What we had:

(I'm not too sure about some of the ingredients used but I'll still state them anyway. Do feel free to google!) 

We started off with a sweet detox tea that would cleanse our palattes! 
Crispy burdock with Black & White Sesame - $6.80
(Dispels blocked wind symptoms, soothes inflammations and purges internal toxins) 

This dish is part of their appetizers and I loved how cripsy the burdock was! Felt like I was eating healthy crackers. 

Stir-fried egg white with Adenophora Stricta and Odotatum- $4.80
(Improves feminine wellness with yin cooling effect) 

 Loved biting into the egg white with cripsy bits of potato flakes!
Double boiled Ganoderma and Dried Longan with Chicken Soup - $8.80
(Enhances immune systemm and prevents premature ageing)
Baked crunchy ribs in foil - $14.80
(Replenishes protein and calcium loss, rich in collagen)

The meat was really tender and was still crunchy even though it was baked in foil. 

Charcoal Bean Curd braised with Bamboo Fungus and Pine Mushrooms 
(Improves skin condition and elasticity) 

The most unique dish and also my favorite dish from the tasting session! 
Wok-fried Mee Sua with Seafood
Deep-fried Black Sesame Rice Cake with Osmanthus Sugar - $6.80

Homemade Beancurd with Pipa Nectar - $3.80

Wasn't really a fan of this dish as I don't really like Pipa Nectar (its the pipa gao people usually have for sore throat). But if you like the taste of that, you'll def love this!

A huge thank you to Fung Ding Hung and Yummypin for the invite again!

Friday, December 12, 2014

November / December

Finally. The holidays are finally here. Which marks the end of my first semester as a Year 3 student. I'm still not sure if the next sem would be my final sem, but I sure as hell hope it won't be.

This semester has been one of my most smooth-sailing ones in my 3 years in NUS. I guess most people wonder whether I've even been studying during my study break, but most of them don't know that I only have 2 final papers this semester, and both are a week apart. Haha that gives me plenty of time to play and also to adjust back to my studying mode. I've been blessed with mods I like this sem as well, which means lesser effort in mugging because I really do enjoy what I learn.

So now, I'm currently in the second week of my holidays.

I don't have travel plans, but my schedule is starting to flood itself which I'm really happy about (though I'm not sure if my bank account feels the same way). I'll also be updating this space with more back-dated food reviews! Haha I'm sure you have observed to lack of reviews this couple of months. I used to what? Dish out 4/5 per month but now I can't even seem to bring myself to write a proper one without taking up a day. Nah it's not THAT difficult, just that my attention span is really failing me.

Ok enough with the rambling. Here's what I've been up to for the past couple of weeks (including my reading week)

1) Last day of reading week

Met up with Claudia for a meal at Upper Thomson that morning before catching Fury in the afternoon. (Really didn't like the movie leh :() 

Headed over to town after that w the Cafe hoppers. Haha it's sort of mandatory to celebrate the last day of school with some decent booze, so we made use of the Yummypin coupons we had! I would really recommend the burgers and the sliders here at Blackbird Bistro. Like what I've mentioned in my review HERE, it's definitely one of the most underrated restaurants / bars I've been to. 

3 slides and 2 glasses of beer for $40! We got 2 sets of that from the Yummypin Store. 

2) One man coffee 

With C again a few days later! Hahaha quite funny lah, how we went up and down to meet one another that day. But I was pretty disappointed cos I feel that the standard at One Man Coffee drop liao :( The eggs just aren't 6 minutes anymore! 

3) Museum Hopping! 

Got to visit one of the latest exhibits at SAM: Still Moving
Pretty interesting with lots of moving theatre and art!

You can check out more about the exhibit on their website!

4) Pasarbella

Have always wanted to visit this place and was glad that I did! It's basically a huge supermarket + food hall that offers a variety of organic produce as well as Beer + German cuisine. They even sell the cutest macarons which I did not get cos it was like $4.50 per piece? 

Pork crackling + Roasted pork with lemon grass rice & potatoes - $18
Pretty good I must say, though it was definitely overpriced :(

5) Backstage cafe.

Sigh. Where do I begin about this. Was supposed to visit Tian Kee and Co on that day when we realized it closes on Mondays. So we had to think of a cafe to go on the spot (it was raining reaaaaally heavily too btw) and we decided on Backstage cafe.

But smartass me brought him to the wrong bus-stop twice, and we even ended up taking the wrong bus. 
(For those who don't know me well enough, my sense of direction can't save me for nuts. My sotong understands this fact really well and not only did he trust me from the start :'), he wasn't the slightest bit angry when we only get to have lunch 2 hours later. #touched #bff) 

Anw so, back to the story...

We had to walk quite a distance from the bus-stop to the cafe and it was raining heavily. 
So smug me was like,"Nehmind, eh today I got bring umbrella wor ;)" 
(My friends know that that rarely happens too) 

And so while we were struggling to fit into my really tiny umbrella and trying not to get drenched, it suddenly flipped on us. Yup, the whole thing turned upside down. And we were like what? Around 200m away from the next sheltered area. Hahahaha so us being us, we just gave up, stopped in the middle of nowhere and laughed our heads off in the midst of getting drenched.

Sigh... Life.

Hahaha I'm not sure if I wanna do a review about this. Quite lazy la but ok lor the food was not bad. Not really worth the travel if you don't work there (It's located in the midst of all the ulu industrial buildings). 

6) Santouka

After my Tokyu Hands trip with Carolyn! Stuffed ourselves with the delicious pork cheeks. Well, I really needed a good meal anyway. 

7) Taste of Thailand!

I'm sure those who live in the North would know this place well! Hahaha impromptu-ly jio-ed C for dinner and we ended up eating more than we should. Love the gelato I had at sembawang shopping centre too! $3.90 only leh.

8) Murtabak @ Zam zam restaurant

Met my sotong before the Nex fashion show and he brought me to one of the BESTT Murtabak places in Singapore - Zam Zam Restaurant which is located at Haji Lane. Omg, even thinking about it now makes me super hungz. Its like chewy prata + tons and tons of meat. What's there not to like? And I felt it was pretty value for money for just $5.50!

Haha we spent $16 in total for one chicken murtabak, one mutton murtabak and 2 drinks. Prolly the amount we would spend on a dish at some random cafe. Definitely a good change!

9) Last paper 

A small celebratory dinner for my final paper with beer and waffles at Revelry. 
Review will be up soon, I promise! 

10) Brunch + TH 

The last one! Met Carolyn and Hui min for Sin Ming prata which we have planned around a month back. Hahaha everyone has been so busy that we had to keep post-poning it. Had a great time singing our lungs out at Teo Heng but I really felt damn paiseh since both of them had such nice voices. :'(

Ended off the night with dinner at JJ Thai (which I've reviewed before this) and quite a long HTHT session afterwards. Still very thankful for Yummypin which brought us together. :')

I hope I haven't been rambling too much and thanks for reading till the end.... if you did! And a huge thank you to those who have been reading my blog religiously. Like you guys part of the reason why I'm still keeping this space alive :')

Hope I didn't bore you too much!